Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pain

This past year has been a year of pain. I say that because every time I've gotten sick or something bad has happened to my health, it was accompanied by a healthy dose of pain.
Not my feet, by the way...

It started at the end of last spring's semester. I had gone to a foot doctor, and they found my early inheritance from my maternal grandmother: bunions on both feet. So rather than allow them to get any worse, we decided to get rid of that problem before it got any worse. So, last spring, I got this lovely thing called an Austin bunionectomy. It's essentially where they break the bone of your big toe, shave off the extra growth, and put it back together. I got to spend three weeks in the full boot of shame and another month or so in a special shoe.

Oh, and a bunionectomy is considered one of the most painful kind of surgeries you can get.

So I recovered from that, and just before the beginning of this spring semester (and about a month into it), I got kidney stones. The first one was the more painful of the two, since it was larger and I did not take... precautionary measures. I also got a lovely case of nausea, which struck half hour and got so bad that my mom took me to the hospital. I managed to pass that one, and I got a little reward for my pain. My mom was, like, "That little thing caused so much pain?" Yeah, ma, that little thing went through tubes made for liquids, not pointy little rocks. It's a-going to hurt. The second time, I had learned my lesson, so it wasn't so bad. No nausea at least.

I'm preparing to get my left foot done at the beginning of May, so my year of pain's going to be going on for a little longer, but if I pass Calculus (*praying praying praying*), I think I'll be able to survive...

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  1. Sounds like a tough year! Hope the pain doesn't last for much longer (and you pass Calculus!)

    1. I'm literally .8% away from a passing grade. Hopefully I can get a C on the final. Then I'll be good.