Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Assignments

We've reached the final stretch at ASU for the spring semester. The last day of class is April 24th, and the professors are trying to get those last few assignments in. Here's what this month's looking like:

BIO494 - Marine Ecology and Conservation
4 short essays and a joyful *gag* presentation next week

MAT266 - Calculus for Engineers II
Homework for most of the remaining lessons and 2 exams. If I can get at least 75% on both of them, I should be able to pass. If not... I've already registered to retake it T-T

PUP420 - Theory of Urban Design
Group project and presentation

SES102 - Earth & Space Science II
Homework 4 (and maybe 5) and final exam

SES 104 - Earth & Space Science Lab II
A couple of afternoon labs and a night lab

SES311 - Essentials of Astrobiology
Group project and paper. We have to finish creating a (fake) NASA mission as real as we can make it.

That's it! Hopefully, I'll be able to survive to the end of the semester.


  1. Yikes...what a schedule. I'm so glad I'm at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to schooling.

    I look forward to seeing what's next on the schedule for you.

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  2. Wow, that looks like a lot. Good luck!