Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kathleen

So, the name Catherine and Kathleen are names that pop up on the Hammiller (my mother's side) side of the family. My grandma has Catherine as her first name, though she goes by Patricia (her middle name), and she bequeathed the moniker Kathleen to my aunt (my mom's younger sister). My mom decided to name me Catherine. Never mind that the nickname for both Catherine and Kathleen is Cathy/Kathy. So much fun when she visits...

My aunt Kathy is... a pain in my mom's butt sometimes. Keep in mind that we live in Arizona, and the rest of the family lives in Wisconsin. Frequent visits are out of the question. So when my uncle got sick with cancer of just about everything, my mom was not able to be there for most of the time. Didn't stop my aunt from yelling at my mom for not being involved to her satisfaction.

Of course, being so far from Wisconsin makes us a good refuge for the rest of the family from their stresses. We had one aunt come down and visit last year, and my mom invited another one after a spat between her and aunt Kathy.

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