Friday, May 4, 2012

Prototype 2 Review

I finished Prototype 2 about 45 minutes ago. I enjoyed the game a lot, especially the storyline and characters. I liked how some of the "bad guys" were not really bad guys. James Heller's evolution from a man bent on revenge to a man hunting for what's left of his family was well-done.

The only problems that I had with the game were the lack of variation for the devastator attack and the ease with which it was to get power-ups. I had gotten all of the evolution upgrades available through the missions and hunting, and I had only a few stat upgrades left through the level-ups.

I wish that they had kept the upgrade style from the first game. I liked the ability to buy numerous skills for each power, not the simplistic way they made Prototype 2's upgrades.

The web of intrigue was also one aspect that I liked from Prototype 1. It made the first game deeper, more engaging, but the hunting skill in Prototype 2 was a boost as well.

Final Grade: B

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