Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Growing Up & School

A story on the local news has me bothered. At the end of the year, a teacher was giving out awards to students for various achievements. One student got the dubious award of "most excuses for not having homework done". Apparently the rest of the 4th-grade class found that funny. The mom did not. She says that the teacher was bullying her child.

Now, I don't know what elementary school is like nowadays, but quite frankly, the mom needs to grow up. One incident does not equal bullying, and who knows what awards other students got. Also, if it bothers the mom so much that her daughter got "most excuses for not having homework done", then maybe she should have paid more attention. Studies have found that children of parents who take an active role in their education do better.

Of course, the teacher's in trouble as well. There's no news whether or not the teacher will face some sort of disciplinary action, and I hope that if there is, it's mild. I'm not condoning the teacher's action, but is it really any different than the "most likely to..." voting in high school. This is just a bit of growing up, and everyone needs to calm down.

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