Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kidney Stones Suck

At the healthy age of 22, I got a kidney stone. Now, when I first started to ache, I thought that it was just a muscle cramp, but OMFG, the pain just got worse.

Then came the vomiting.

Mom and I went to the ER at Mercy Gilbert (Mom's favorite place in the whole wide world [not]). We got there at about 8:30 PM. It was pretty empty, so we got to see a doctor pretty quickly. I threw up one more time at the hospital, though thankfully not during any of the tests. The drugs they gave me were... really nice, and I babbled at my mom for a while.

They sent us home with prescriptions for painkillers and anti-nausea pills and orders to drink more fluids. We went to a 24-hour CVS, but apparently it can be really busy at midnight. The pharmacist was nice enough to give us one anti-nausea pill to get through the night.

It didn't help.

After two extra visits to the white throne, I managed to fall "asleep". Three hours later, I went back to the bathroom for another round, and sometime during that visit, that little bastard stone plopped into my bladder. Instant pain-killer. At about 10 in the morning, that thing was completely gone.

I hope to God that I never get another kidney stone.

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