Monday, December 19, 2011

End of Semester Exhaustion

The semester has come to an end. Finally. I survived my freshman courses with better grades than I expected, though lower grades than I would have liked. My GPA has taken a bit of a beating, but I'll survive.

I'm wishing that school would just start up again. I'm practically ready to throw my Nook across the room because I am sick and tired of reading. Yesterday, I finished one book, read another, and finished a third at 1 in the morning because it wouldn't let me go the hell to bed. In the three hours I've been awake today, I've read about a third of another book.

Next semester is going to be... interesting. APPARENTLY, ASU's course scheduling program is not the brightest thing in the world. Yes, it checks to make sure that two courses don't overlap, but it doesn't make sure that one course doesn't start when another ends.

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